Keeping your home secure whilst on holiday

Many of us worry about the security of our homes when we go on holiday. We can lock every door and bolt every window but Unfortunrelty you can not always stop a break in from happening. When a house gets broken in to it can be extremely upsetting for the owners and if no one has seen or reported it, then you may not realise until you arrive home.

There are a few things you can do to try and avoid being broken in to or to at least help catch the people who did it.

Firstly ensure that you have adequate locks fitted on all doors and windows. If your front door is behind a porch door then make sure that you lock both.

You may want to leave a light on or ask a friend or family member to pop in every few days to turn lights on and others off so it appears someone is home. It is not a good idea to close all the curtains as this may make your house obviously unoccupied.

Fit CCTV and an intruder alarm and advertise that you have both. Sometimes this is enough alone to make people think twice about breaking in to your home.