Essential home security

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own homes, but many systems cost the earth to fit and maintain, so what are the pitfalls to look out for and what are the essential requirements to keep you and your family safe?

The first and most obvious security feature must be strong door locks. Most modern doors have a five-lever mortice lock system, but if your doors are of an older type, door bolts top and bottom are important and a dead lock on the front door. Key safes are being used increasingly now to keep keys in that need to be easily accessed. Although not fool proof it is better than under a plant pot or doormat.

Window locks that are operated by a key are an essential security feature to prevent windows being prised open. Most UPVC modern windows are glazed from the inside to prevent the panes being able to be lifted out of the frame.

It has been said that having a neighbourhood watch scheme in operation in your area is a big deterrent to criminals. It is easy to set up a scheme with your neighbours and the local community support officer can offer advice on how to get started.