Smart security systems for the home

Smart systems are becoming very popular in the home. You can now control almost anything in your home by using an app on your smart phone. You can turn lights on and off, change the thermostats and even link it up to pet feeders to look after your pet when you are out of the house.

Security systems have advanced massively over the last decade and there are so many different systems available that you may struggle to know which one to use.

Smart security systems come in a wide range from the do it yourself to the full monty that requires professional installation.

Depending on your needs you can go with a system that you monitor yourself, or pay a subscription fee to have your home monitored 24/7 by professionals who will contact your local police and fire departments when alarms are triggered.

A smart security system connects to your WiFi so you can access the control panel for it via an app on your phone or tablet. You can connect the security system up to the door locks, windows, surveillance cameras and lights and change the settings remotely.