Setting up your IP CCTV system

If you have purchased a wireless IP CCTV system then you will need to understand how to set it up correctly in order to be able to get it to work as it should. Firstly you need to decide where you want the cameras to be situated. Before actually placing them around the home, you need to check through the installation instructions as often you need to link each camera up to the router using a Ethernet cable first to run the set up. Once the camera is installed then you can remove the cable and just the wireless connection.

If you do not have a static IP address (most people don’t unless they pay for one) then you will very often have to get an IP from places such as DYNdns or similar. Some companies charge for an IP others will let you create a free account to use. Having this will then allow you to access the cameras when away from your WiFi connection.

Ensure that you have the motion zones and methods set up correctly. You can often get it to email you footage of any movement detected and turn the sensitivity up and down.