Security for the visually impaired

For most people security is high on their list of priorities for their home and this is even more important is you are visually impaired.

For most thieves and con artists being visually impaired just makes you an easier victim therefore a higher level of protection is needed. Thankfully there are now lots of systems to protect people with sight problems to allow them to live independently without fear of security.

One of the first things to have is a door buzzer system. Any visitor has to buzz the system, which automatically starts the device recording via CCTV, this alerts the home owner that someone is at the door and the home owner can then use the intercom system to talk to the visitor to establish exactly who they are before letting them in.

It’s also advisable for anyone who is visually impaired to wear a wrist personal alarm so that should they feel threatened they can press it discreetly without arousing any suspicion and alert the police to any danger they may be in.

With the right security measures there’s no reason that a visually impaired person should feel any less safe than a visually able person in their own home.