Qualifications needed for a job in security

If you are considering a job in security then you have a wide range of positions that you can apply for. Security is needed in a number of ways, from home security, business or shop security and personal protection security. Also there are jobs that involve the security of data such as within a government role or internet security when it comes to taking and storing data.

Firstly you need to decide what sort of security role you want to go in to. If for example you would like to be a security guard then you may require additional training. Some companies offer full training on the job meaning you can apply with little or no previous experience. Other roles will ask for experience in a similar roll for a number of years before accepting your application.

Most security companies will only accept applicants that are over 18 and have passed a criminal background check. They may also require you to provide them with your fingerprints to be stored on file.

Within a security role you may be given a lot of responsibility for looking after and safeguarding expensive equipment or items, for this reason honestly is essential and anyone with a criminal background may struggle to be offered a position within this type of role.