Would your premises benefit from an access control system?

There are many different types of access control systems available for commercial buildings and other businesses, but not all systems are right for every company as it will depend on the number of users and entries, and the level of security that is required. For example, a single office inside a commercial building will need very different security controls than a hospital or large warehouse or factory so how do you know which access control system is best for your needs?

The least restrictive access control system is called discretionary access control and gives business owners control over access rights and permissions for all users. As such this system is for low level security premises as it is not a very secure system. Mandatory access control on the other hand is best-suited for companies that require a higher level of security and confidentiality. One person is given the authority to establish who has access and assigns permissions for the entire company.

The most secure, but flexible, access control system is role based so that certain areas of the building may only be accessed by particular individuals. For example, this system may be used in a bank where only a few staff members have access to distinct areas whereas maintenance workers will be given only have limited access to the areas where they are working in order to perform their job.