Security at home

When you think of security within the home you probably think about door locks, CCTV and alarms etc. but have you thought about keeping yourself secure in your home when on the phone? Many scammers are now turning to the phone to tick unsuspecting victims. There are a number of scams currently going round and every week a new ones seems to come to light.

You may receive a call claiming to be from your internet provided. They often advise you that they believe you have an issue with your router or that you have a virus on your computer and that they need you to run some system checks to fix the issues. They will usually try and gain access to your pc by telling you to install some software which will allow them to take over your mouse on your PC and access your computer files. From this they can then access private data such as passwords or take copies of files stored on your PC.

If you receive a call like the one mentioned above then be sure to put the phone down and ring your internet provided direct to confirm if they have tried to contact you.