CCTV footage – make sure you have backup copies

CCTV is a popular choice for people looking to add that extra level of security to their home or business. Just having CCTV can act as a deterrent or if that isn’t enough to put people off then it may be able to catch the people in the act giving you something to pass on to the police to investigate. There is a wide selection when it comes to CCTV systems and prices range from £30 upwards to £5000.  Lots of people simply do not have the money to spend hundreds on a CCTV system so are happy to purchase a cheaper IP camera which can be linked up to their internet. These are very easy to set up and can be placed inside or outside your home or business. Some of them offer two way communication, and are also used for animal owners who want to be able to check on and communicate with their pets.

It is important to think about what footage is recorded and how it will be saved. Sometimes the cheaper cameras record only to a memory card which means should the memory card fail, you lose all your recordings. You can often chose to back up the recordings using a cloud service or by taking the memory card out and backing up the footage on to a computer. If you go for a slightly more expensive system you may find that it has a hard drive that footage is recorded on to.