Reduce the danger of identity theft

Theft from homes and vehicles is on the rise and more and more people are looking at ways to protect their property and possessions with security cameras and alarms but a worrying trend is the increase in cases of identity theft. Are there ways then to reduce the chances of someone using your details to get credit?

Many people check their credit report to see how lenders might view them if they decide to apply for a loan or credit card but checking this report is also one way of checking that you have not been a victim of identity fraud. Regularly checking your report and looking out for hard searches by companies that you have not dealings with, and late payments might help you to spot fraudulent activity. If you do notice a discrepancy it should be reported immediately to the company involved and the police.

As thieves need your details to set up an account it is important to keep these secure. Social media accounts should not reveal addresses, dates of birth, mother’s maiden name etc as these can be used when applying for credit. Be aware of any phone calls that ask for security details and if in doubt do not give out personal details.