Security as Christmas approaches

I know not many people are ready to hear the big C mentioned but it is true that Christmas is only a couple of months way and will be here before we know it. The busiest time is not usually Christmas itself but more the run up to it. Often you will have Christmas shopping to fit in along with Christmas works dos, school performances and extra work in the run up to content with. It is very easy to get complacent about your security around Christmas time but this is a time of year when you need to actually be extra vigilant and cautions. It’s a popular time of year for everyone – including thieves and burglars.

With all the fun and laughter of the season, make sure you take time to consider home security – falling victim to a break in and finding that your gifts for lived ones have been taken will be extremely upsetting and if you do not have insurance to cover the costs you may find that you are not in a position to replace them.  When leaving the house, ensure all easily-accessible windows are closed and ideally locked, doors locked and gardens secured. Try not to leave keys in doors overnight or hide one outside your property as thieves will often watch a house for a while before they target it and therefore may see where you keep the key. Also be sure to consider where you leave your car keys too – or else your car might make a handy getaway vehicle.