Should you get a dash cam?

Dash cams have been out for a number of years now, but recently they have grown hugely in popularity. Dash cams have been designed for drivers to install in the front and sometimes rear of their vehicle to allow them to record footage that may prove vital in an accident or near miss. Dash cam footage can often be used in court to show the person responsible for causing the accident.

Not only can dash cams help in this way, which can often also help to lower insurance costs but they can be vital in the latest scams which include “crash for cash”. This is where a driver pulls in front of another vehicle and purposely slams their brakes on causing the other person to crash in to the back of them. As the driver behind, you automatically become the at fault driver and can find your insurance company having to fork out thousands of pounds in damage and compensation. Dash cams can record that all important footage that can not only allow you to prove the accident wasn’t your fault but to prosecute the offender.

Dash cams can even be set to record movement when your vehicle is parked up giving you extra security against vandalism and theft of your vehicle.