Working as a close protection agent

A close protection person or bodyguard is a type of government agent or security guard that is hired to employ a person or group of people. They are normally hired to protect a public figure, member of royalty or someone extremely wealthy.

This is a high level of security that means a person is guarded at all times and that the guard is personally responsible for the safety on that person or persons at all times.

Some people love the thrill of the security industry, knowing that they have a lot of responsibility for someone else’s safety.

As a close protection officer you can expect to earn anything from £100 a day upwards of over £500 a day depending on how much experience you have, the person you are protecting and any additional qualifications you may have.

There are a number of close protection agencies out there that specialise in close protection security roles, so if you are interested you could register with one of them.