Covert Surveillance Solutions

Covert Systems are optimised for Military and Police reconnaissance use, furnishing high caliber connection prolongation, considering predominant reach whilst being held in little covert lodgings.

Each of our covert items are assembled to high Ingression Protection (Ip) appraisals, taking into consideration the units to be figure worn or deliberately sent into strategic operational regions, paying little heed to nature.

The greater part of our covert connections are perfect with our airborne Uplink and Downlink frameworks and also our beneficiary extent, giving our clients adaptability, when selecting the right item for a given operation.

Our covert connections are accessible in both standard definition (Sd) and high definition (Hd) forms giving significant serenity when being utilized for confirmation assembling or giving situational consciousness for high-chance operations.

The accompanying Covert Surveillance Systems work in set groups between 1.2 Ghz and 5.4 Ghz*: