Dash cams for security in your vehicle

Dash cams are growing in popularity and have proven to be vital in certain cases of crime. A dash cam is a recording device that is usually stood on your dash or stuck to your window screen. It can be set to record all the time and can be set to start recording it movement is detected and you are not in the vehicle at the time.

They can help sort out any liability issues should you have an accident and can also record attempted thefts of your vehicle when it is left parked up. They can sometimes be enough to deter someone from breaking in in the first place!

Dash cams range in price from around £20 up to around £250 depending on which model you chose. You will need to insert a SD card to be able to store recordings. These are usually then recorded over after a certain period. If you have picked up something on a dash cam be sure to remove the SD card as soon as possible to prevent it being recorded over accidently.

Some insurance companies will lower your premiums if you use a certain type of dash cam as they see it as an added level of security.