Biometric Access Control investigated

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their security systems. This is often not just making it harder for unwanted intruders to enter but also easier for authorised people to come and go during the day or night.

The issue with key pads is that once the code is set, everyone needs to know the combination to get it. This means that entry is not traceable to one person and if a staff member leaves or there are any security concerns, the key pad code should be changed. This often does not happen leaving your business open to vulnerabilities.

Biometric access control allows people to enter through a door of security turnstile via fingerprint recognition. This means it is not only fast and effective but also keeps track of who is in and out of the building, doubling up as a fire safety check.  

It may also be used as a clocking in and out machine to keep track of working hours of members of staff, negating the need for a standalone clocking in system and cutting down on a huge amount of admin time.

You can often set these systems to allow certain people in at certain times, such as shift workers making sure only people who should be on site are when needed.