Backing up your CCTV footage from your computer

More and more people are installing some type of CCTV system in and outside of their homes. With crime on the rise, it is important that we try and protect our families and homes and CCTV can be one way of doing so. Sometimes simply have a CCTV sticker or camera on display can ward off unwanted visitors but if it’s not the footage you capture may prove vital.

When buying a CCTV system it is important to look at the quality of the images it captures day and night. Some work great in the day but when it gets dark then need to have night mode that still captures high quality footage.

Lots of CCTV systems work in different ways, some record the footage on to an external box, some record on to an SD card that is indie the camera and some record to Cloud space on a server. You need to ensure whatever way your footage is recorded that it is also backed up somewhere else. Most CCTV systems are set up to re-record over footage after a certain time or when the disk becomes full. Before this happens you need to check if the footage you have contains anything that you may want to keep. If it does then be sure to take at least two copies of it to keep should you need it at a later date.