Is your antivirus slowing you down?

Antivirus software is vital for anyone that has a PC, laptop, phone or tablet that uses the internet. Viruses are easily transmitted across many different platforms, often without the victim even knowing they have been passed it.

There are many different types of antivirus software but you do need to choose carefully and check that is does everything you need. Often antiviruses are sold per license, meaning if you have three computers in the house you may need to purchase three separate license. There are some free antivirus programs available, but you will have to check if they are comprehensive enough for what you need. Any antivirus software can slow your device down but some do more than others. You should always try a free trial before buying any antivirus software to see how it runs on your chosen device, if it is too slow, consult the helpline or try another one until you find a comprehensive one that does not take too much toll on your device memory.