When your anti virus lets you down

Most of us are now aware how important anti virus software is. There are many good, free antivirus software programs available, but if you really do want that added level of protection then it may be worth investing ain a paid for version. Some antivirus programs do not offer protection from every kind of threat. For example, Avasts free version and some of the paid for packages will give you online real time protection and scan for virus options when a program, usb device or CD is installed but may not protect you against Malware.

This is something that can cause a lot of issues on a computer and can easily go undetected for a while. Even a full system scan may not pick these vulnerabilities up and it will be up to you to install a separate program that is cable of doing so. Be very careful when selecting an anti virus or Malware program as Unfortunrelty some of them are actually viruses! Always go with a reputable company and do your research reading reviews etc before committing to the download.