Taking precautions for personal security

It’s sometimes easy to get a little lax with personal security, especially if you have never had an incident that shocks you into being careful. However, it’s important to take precautions at all times because you never know when there’s a thief or worse in the vicinity.

Make sure that you never put your purse down in public, whether it’s on a counter when you pay or on the table while you’re eating in a restaurant. It is extremely easy to forget it’s there, and it only takes a moment for somebody to swipe it while your attention is elsewhere. The same goes for mobile phones – they are relatively easy to sell on so are easy targets for criminals. It’s also worth ensuring your phone is backed up: with dozens of online services to choose from, it’s easier than ever to do, often only requiring a few clicks.

If you carry a bag or use coat pockets to store valuables, make sure they are fastened. People who have mastered pickpocketing can grab the contents discreetly while you wait in a queue or for a bus – when they’re fastened, it acts as a deterrent and is also more likely to catch your attention if they do give it a go anyway.

Finally, don’t be afraid to alert others if anything bad does happen – you could even consider carrying an alarm for personal safety.