Access control – future advances

Access control is a system which has been designed to make accessing a building as easy and convenient as possible for those who are authorised to do so whilst still adding a high level of security.

One recent development in access control is having apps on smartphones that act as security tags. This allows the person to show a barcode or tag on their phone and gain access to the property. As with the normal ID tags, you do have to be careful that the phone does not get in to the wrong hands but with most people having a password lock on their phone, it is probably more secure than using an ID tag.

Being able to manage multiple actions for a location linked to security and safety must be a good thing. Systems are now available on the market that when triggered will not only alert the relevant authorities and management but also shut and lock down parts of the building that need to be secured. Biometric access control is undoubtable going to be used more and more over the coming years. Readers can use fingerprint, facial, and even vein identification to provide access control.