Home security at Christmas

Christmas should be a happy time that we all look forward to. It is a time when many of us buy gifts for loved ones to open on Christmas day, but unfortunately this makes it a very attractive time of year for burglars. You need to make sure that you home is secure all year around but especially at Christmas when you may have a large amount of presents stored in your home or garage.

Try and store the most valuable presents within your home and not in a shed or garage. You may even want to put them in an attic so they are not easily accessible.

CCTV is a popular way to secure your home and can be done quite cheaply. You can buy a standalone WiFi CCTV camera for as little as £30. Sometimes just having a CCTV camera on display can be enough to put off potential thieves.

You will need to check if your house insurance covers the presents you have in your home in the run up to Christmas. You may need to give them a list of additional items in your home and be sure to always keep the receipts in case you do need to make a claim.