How to keep your home secure during a lock down?

With many people saying that a lock down is on the way, it may be that we see a rise in some sorts of crime. It may be that it is petty crime that is on the increase due to people being bord and stuck inside, so they may start to vandalise community centres, people’s cars or gardens. This cannot be totally avoided by having a cctv system in view can often act as a deterrent and will put people off from doing anything.

Anther security issue we need to be on the look out for is scams, especially online and telephone scams. Some people are taking advantage of the current situation and preying on peoples fears. It may be that you receive an email that looks as though it is from the government or a phone call from someone pretending to be from the NHS. If you are at all unsure as to whether this contact is genuine you should seek a second opinion and do not disclose any personal information or any financial information over the phone or online.

Although you may be contacted by the NHS or the Government, they will not be asking you for personal details such as bank accounts or passwords.