Securing your property during lockdown

With the UK still under strict lock down many business owners are concerned about the security of their property. IT may be that their shop or warehouse/ workshop has been stood empty for weeks now and with little money coming it, it may not be possible to hire a security firm to keep an eye on things for them.

Hopefully you will have some security already in place but if you do not have CCTV then it is strongly recommended that you get some. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a CCTV system, even picking up a few IP cameras that are often less then £30 will be enough to give you some peace of mind.

The CCTV system may prove useful in court if you do have a break in or attempted break in but often just having visible CCTV can be enough of a deterrent.

Make sure when installing CCTV that it is as high up as possible to make it extremely hard for the criminals to access it. All footage is usually recorded on to an SD card that is installed in the camera but be sure to also save footage on your phone or tablet if you see something happening.