Is home security more essential if you have to work from home?

With many people being asked to work from home if they can, you need to think about if and how this affects your security. You may think that because you are in the house more, your home is more secure and although this may be the case for many, for some they may actually be more at risk. When we are at home we tend to be more relaxed about security. For example, you may nip to the shops and leave your back door open as you know you are only going to be a short time. If someone is watching your home or knows what time you go out to walk the dog, stop for lunch ect then you may find that they can target you even in this short period of time.

If you are having to bring work home with you which is valuable or if you have access to sensitive data from you home then you again will need to ensure you have the correct level of security. This may mean that you log on using a VPN or that you are only allows to use a work device to access the work systems you need.