Security for your vehicles

Break-ins are awful for anyone and often they happen when you are least expecting them. Everyone assumes that a break in will occur at night or when you are away on holiday but this is simply not always the case. Many break ins occur during day light hours when people are out at work.

Often even if someone breaks into your home, they may actually be looking to break into your vehicle. As we usually keep our keys for our vehicles in our houses, criminals will break into a home purely to steal car keys. Although we often know we shouldn’t, many of us keep our car keys right by the door on a hook or on a table making it easier for criminals if they do break in. Vehicles with keyless entry can even have their key fobs cloned through doors. Some people keep their keys stored inside a tin for this reason.

Always try and leave your key somewhere secure, ideally inside a locked safe or tin. If this is not possible then try and keep your key well out of site and not near your front door.