Keeping the older generation safe in their own homes

As people get older it is easy to lose confidence and become worried about safety especially if living alone. There are lots of agencies out there that can advise and support the elderly about security issues in and around the home and it is certainly worthwhile arranging a security assessment if that is appropriate.

The main considerations about security for the elderly is dependent upon their individual circumstances as an older person with mobility issues may have slightly different needs to an active person. If mobility is a problem then it is a good idea to invest in a panic button system so that in the case of a fall, a relative or medical professional can be alerted to attend.

Door and window security is an important aspect of keeping people safe in their own homes. A spy hole fitted to the door so that the occupant can see who is outside is advisable or a doorbell camera will provide the same protection. Good quality locks on doors and windows is essential as is a door chain.

Smoke alarms should be fitted in most rooms to alert elderly occupants of fire and smoke but also carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted if gas or solid fuel appliances are in use as these can be lethal if not maintained regularly.