Ensuring your business premise is secure

In some areas the incidence of theft at business premises is a real problem and so many business owners are looking at how they can secure their property successfully and prevent theft and vandalism. Good quality locks on doors and windows and an alarm system are obvious security features but what else could be considered?

Depending upon the budget you set for security at your company’s premises you may consider installing a CCTV system at the property. This would involve siting cameras at specific locations in and around the property with signage to alert possible thieves that CCTV is operational. This can act as a deterrent as well as providing evidence should there be a break in.

If your business premises are mainly outdoors it could be that hiring a security guard would be a wise move. The guard would be able to patrol the grounds of your business throughout the night keeping watch for any potential break ins.

Security fencing could also be installed around the property as an additional safeguard. This should be fitted by professional fitters who will ensure that it complies with regulations that are in force regarding the safety of such fencing such as suitable topping for walls and fences.