Protect your garden with CCTV cameras

For many people, their gardens have become an important part of their home and as such contain some expensive items of garden furniture and other garden features for example water features and garden ornaments. The need to protect these from theft is essential for peace of mind especially if you live in an area where the rate of crime is high.

The first consideration is to make sure your garden is secure. Gates should be able to be padlocked and should be high enough to deter thieves. Walls can be fitted with anti-theft topping which whilst not completely preventing entry will make it more difficult.

An excellent way to not only deter criminals from entering your garden but provide vital evidence to the police if such a crime is committed is to install CCTV at your property. A CCTV system can be installed by the householder or by an engineer from a CCTV installation company.

The cameras can be hidden so that they are not able to be vandalised and can be situated at various sites to capture images from multiple angles. The footage can often be viewed in real time giving you the opportunity to alert the police at the time the theft is taking place or warn off the thief by putting on lights in the property.