Is it worth having a dash cam in your vehicle?

Having a dash cam installed in your vehicle can not only help you capture unsafe driving or help you prove who is at fault in an accident but it can also act as a deterrent. Sometimes just having a dash cam on view is enough to put thieves off from targeting your vehicle.

Dash cams are often fitted to the front and rear of a vehicle. There have been times when there have been spates of incidents where people have tried to set up situations which result in them being able to make fraudulent claims through insurance companies. Crash for cash was one such scenario where drivers we’re being purposely made to drive in to the back of another car. The drive of the front car would then claim off the insurance for the vehicle damage and also for compensation for personal injury. Dash cam footage has been vital in some of these cases, where criminals have been caught out.

Most dash cam systems have a feature that means if the car is bumper when it is parked up, the dash cam will automatically turn on and start recording. This can help catch drivers who fail to stop after an accident or thieves trying to break in.