Your personal online security

When we think about security we often think about our cars or our homes or maybe or personal security when out and about but do you think about your online security. So many of us carry out a number of tasks online such as banking, making purchases, sending secure date, that it is vital to ensure that our connection and devices are secure. Firstly never connect to an unsecured network to carry out tasks such as the above. You should also not carry these tasks out if you are on a private network that lots of other people can access such as in a pub or restaurant.

You may decide to invest in a VPN to use when doing online banking etc as this will ensure that your IP address cannot be traced and therefore your address obtained.

You need to invest in a good quality anti virus to protect your device whether it be a PC, laptop or phone. Try and not store passwords and login details on a piece of paper or on your device. If you do have to wrote them down then try and encode them a little so no one else would be able to guess what it is.