Should you invest in a house alarm?

House alarms have been around for a good few year now and they have advanced a lot over the last decade or so. Most house alarms that are on the market now offer a number of functions that you may find very useful. They may have added security feature such as camera or biometric access control systems.

Now a days, when you hear a house alarm, most people do not batter an eyelid, especially if it is during the day.  With many alarms attached to the mains electrics of a home, unfortunately they often go off following a power cut or electricity surge. This has made us as neighbours, reluctant to act up on hearing an alarm going off in case it is accidental.

The more effective house alarms are linked to a security firm that will try and contact you should the alarm go off. They may even send someone out to investigate it should they not be able to get hold of you. This service is a lot more expensive but may be worth the money if security is a real concern to you. Be aware though that if it is a false alarm you may then be charged for a call out fee or a code to reset the alarm.