Is your CCTV vulnerable to attacks?

Many of us think that a good way to secure and protect our homes is to have CCTV installed, and although on the face of it this is true, if not set up correctly you may be making yourself a target for criminals. The idea of CCTV is to record footage of what is happening inside and outside of your home. Most CCTV systems also come with an option to view live footage. This can not only be a great deterrent but can also prove useful if you do fall victim to a crime as you have evidence.  The problems start if the CCTV system you are using is not secure enough meaning that it can actually be hacked in to by criminals. They can then use this footage to see what goods you have in your home and where and what times you are in and out of the property. From this information they can then easily create a plan as when is best to try and enter your home with the least amount of risk of being caught. They can also find out where the camera is located by viewing the angle of the footage. This allows them to destroy the cameras upon entering the premises.