Making your home secure

Home security is something many of us worry about and long gone are the days when we could walk out of our house leaving the door unlocked to pop to the shops. It is important that you think carefully about security in and outside of your home as if you are victim to a break in you can find that not only are you devastated by the loss of the items that were stolen but you may no longer feel safe in your own home.

There are some basic security tips that we all should follow that will not guarantee safety but can minimise the chances of our homes being broken in to.

1)            Make sure that you always lock all doors and windows when leaving the property, even if you only intend popping out for a few minutes. You should even lock your front door if you are sat out in your back garden as you may be surprised how many people get robbed whilst they are in the home and totally unaware as to what is happening.

2)            If your home is going to be empty for a few days then try and leave some lights on and if possible, ask a neighbour to check in on the house for you. They may be able to turn different lights on and off or open and close curtains, so it appears someone is in the house. If this is not possible you buy specialist socket plugs or technology systems  that will turn different lights on and off, radios or TV’s in your home giving the illusion that someone is in.

3)            Never leave valuables in sight – such as jewellery, car keys and phones / tablets.