Will CCTV in towns and villages cut down on vandalism?

Its not just cities and large towns that suffered vandalism. Many rural villages also fall victim to it and it is often not helped by the fact that there is often very little for youngsters to do in an evening. They may get bored and start to cause havoc.

Installing CCTV is often a simple and effective way of cutting down on this sort of crime. This can often work well as a deterrent in a smaller community as people are often aware that they will be recognised so are less likely to cause damage or trouble out of fear of someone knowing who they are.

Ideally the CCTV systems should be installed on buildings in and around the area that the vandalism is often taking places and even on lampposts. It is important to get the word out that the CCTV is up and running as often this alone is enough to cut down on incidents happening.

If incidents do continue to happen, you may be able to use the CCTV footage of evidence to find out who the culprit or culprits are and bring them to justice. The CCTV system should be installed by a professional as they will be able to know where to position it.