Protecting your office

If you are a business owner who rents or owns an office then it is vital that you think carefully about security and how you can protect your workforce and equipment. You may not feel that you need security guards, especially in the day when people are around but you should still have a certain level of security to stop unwanted visitors walking in and out as they please. Offices are easy targets for theft and unlawful entry so if you have valuable equipment or money on site then you need to have an entry system that means someone must be let in to the building.

CCTV is a basic security system that all offices should have installed. It should cover all areas (where allowed) to ensure that not only can you catch someone in the act of a crime but may work simply as a deterrent.  You should have a signing in system so you know that who is in and out of the building at all times. This is not only for security but also for fire safety etc. Some businesses print visitors a pass put which has their photo on it so employees can spot if someone is walking around without one or one that belongs to someone else.