Is someone watching your CCTV?

With home security a big concern for many in the UK, CCTV systems are being installed inside and outside of properties to act as a deterrent and hopefully capture footage that can be used in court if needed. CCTV system prices have dropped substantially over the last few years and the addition of low cost IP camera products, allow people to purchase and set them up without the added cost of a specialist company. These types of cameras are being used for many purposes from security around and outside the home, office surveillance to even to watch their new puppies at home whist they are at work. Some people purchase IP cameras to use as baby monitors, but are we putting ourselves and our children at risk?

At first glance, these IP systems seem to offer great security at a very low cost but recently there have been some issues that have come to light that need to be weighed up before installing an IP camera. These cameras rely on an internet connection to function therefore your internet is not reliable and keeps going off or even runs too slowly, you may find it doesn’t record or send you alerts when it needs to. As the cameras use an online connection it is possible for an outsider to hack in if the security is not adequate.