Should you up your security at Christmas time?

As Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to review your security in and around your home. Burglars know that lots of people have presents stashed away in their homes at this time of year which often means we tend to see a big rise in break ins.

There is no way to completely protect yourself from failing victim to a break in but there are things you can do to try and help avoid it happening to you. Firstly, when you are bring items in to the house, try not to make it too obvious and cover up any expensive items such as games consoles etc. Never leave the boot of your car open with presents in, even only for a minute, as that’s often all it takes.

CCTV is so cheap nowadays that there really is no reason as to why you shouldn’t have it installed. You can pick up a basic IP camera for as little as £25-£30. This will usually link to your phone via an app which allows you to see live footage. You can set it up to ping you alerts when movement is detected and if you put a SD car in, the footage will also be recorded. Even having CCTV cameras on view is sometimes enough to put people off breaking in in the first place.