Security alarm systems for your van

Vans are often the target of thefts abs break ins because they are usually work vehicles which contain tools and materials. Tools and materials can be very easy to get rid of and can often raise more money than the van itself.

For a workman, often he’s tools are his livelihood especially if he is self employed. Having he’s or her tools stolen can mean that they are out of work until they can replace them.

You need to try and protect your vehicle as much as possible so that you do not fall victim to this kind of attack.

Firstly, try to leave as few tools in your van as possible. Valuable tools should be bought inside if possible each night. Always ensure that your vehicle is locked and ideally that you park it so the back doors cannot be easily accessed. If you have a garage, then reverse the vehicle right back up to the doors.

To add an extra level of security, why not invest in a van alarm. These can be purchased for as little as £20 will sound an alarm that is over 120 db whenever movement is detected. This nifty little gadget could alert you or passers by to a break in or even scare off the intruder.