Upgrading your security ready for summer

Security for the summer months can be easily relaxed and this, unfortunately, is when thieves strike. With the hot weather, lots of people have doors and windows open and it can be easy to forget to close these when we go out or leave the room. Opportunists often use these chances of relaxed security to sneak into properties sometimes when the occupants are in, either upstairs or in the garden and grab what they can quickly without being noticed.
It’s important to make sure that your house is secure when you are going upstairs for a period of time or when you are going into the garden. Ensure that doors are locked and if windows are open they are left on securely reduced openers or left on vent and locked.
Many people leave their alarms off in the summer if they have upstairs windows open as they are worried about it activating the sensors but in fact, most systems won’t be affected by this so it’s important to use your alarm system as normal.
Make sure that and garden gates are secure by adding padlocks and latches where needed and also having sensor security lights up that will activate as soon as someone opens your gate.