Have you got what it takes to work in security?

There are so many roles within the security industry that it is hard to make up a profile of what the right person for the job is. If the role is in internet security for example then you will need a totally different skill set to someone that wants to work in close protection.

If you are thinking of going in to close protection then you will need to be able to think fast on your feet, be prepared to work long and possibly unsociable hours and willing to travel. You may also need to ensure that you can be trusted as you may be told confidential information that cannot be leaked into the wrong hands.

Internet security is often about ensuring that there are no loopholes in the program or website that you are looking after. You will often need to be able to test your own work and the work of others thoroughly and may have to be prepared to work late into the night or early mornings if you become victim to a cyber-attack or a vulnerability is found, to fix it.

All jobs within the security sector require you to be able to concentrate and block out other things that are going on around to ensure you concentrate on the task at hand.